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NYS CE Chart
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     NYS CE Chart for Veterinary Technicians

     How to apply the chart

             Veterinary technicians must complete 24 hours of continuing education during each triennial
             registration period. When prorated over the 36 months of the registration period, a veterinary
             technician must complete 2/3 of an hour (40 min.) during each month of the registration period.
             However, continuing education credits (CE) will be issued in no less than ½ hour increments.
             Figures shown in the table that are underlined are rounded downward to the nearest ½ hour.

             For example a licensee whose new registration period commences in August 2012 would be
             responsible for CE from January through July (7 months). Using the prorated monthly
             requirement of 40 minutes per month and multiplied by the number of months (7) that licensee
             would owe 280 minutes or 4 hours and 40 minutes. However, when rounded downward to the
             nearest ½ hour increment, the licensee would be responsible for 4 ½ hours of CE credit. A
             licensee in that position will not be penalized for having 10 minutes less than the prorated
             amount. No one will be required to have completed more than the prorated amount. The months
             when licensees benefit from the downward modification of the required CE are underlined.

             CE credits are counted up to the end of the month before your re-registration period begins.
             Therefore a licensee whose re-registration period begins in January will have to complete the
             required amount of CE by the end of December.


             Licensees whose first re-registration period begins in January 2012 are not required to have
             completed any CE because the CE requirement was not in effect in December 2011. However,
             those persons must complete the entire CE requirement (24 hours) by the time they re-register
             for the new registration period beginning in January 2015.


              Note that while the 24 CE credits required for a triennial registration period have been prorated
              on a monthly basis, a licensee IS NOT required to complete CE on a monthly schedule. You
              may accumulate the required CE at your convenience provided that you complete the amount
              required by the time you are scheduled to re-register.

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