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NYSAVT is an approved provider of New York State Continuing Education. If you are interested in presenting a course for NYSAVT please fill out the form below. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. If you have questions please contact us at or 518.779.0775.

NYSAVT is interested in submissions for the following subjects: Anesthesia, Behavior, Cardiology, Dentistry, Emergency Medicine, Exotics, Hospice/Compassion Fatigue, Large Animal Medicine, Nutrition, Pathology, Practice Management, Professional Development, Small Animal Medicine, Surgery, Wildlife Medicine, Zoo Medicine, & Zoonosis 

If you are interested in presenting for any of these, or another subject, please complete the speaker application below.  We look forward to reviewing your application, and someone from our office will be in touch with you shortly. 

If submitting an application for inclusion in our annual Spring Seminar, you will need to be prepared to present anytime from 7:00am-4:00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday of conference. Due to the number of submissions received and the needs of the members we are unable to accommodate specific time slot requests. If you are unable to present at a certain time you may note it in the comments section but we may be unable to include your presentation based on the restrictions. If you're submitting for a NYSAVT workshop but would also like to be considered for Spring Seminar, you may note it below.

Please be sure to make all A/V requests in advance. We are unable to provide laptops for your presentation. You will be provided with a screen and projector. Please specify below what audio/video output your laptop has.

Please read the policies below and sign. NOTE: Your electronic (typed) signature on this document constitutes your legal signature in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11: Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures Act.
It is the policy of the New York State Association of Veterinary Technicians that all presenters and speakers must disclose any financial interest or their relationships (i.e., manufacturers, vendors, grant sources, research support, consultant relationships, honoraria, etc.) regarding the products, services or outcomes that may be discussed in the educational presentation.

The New York State Association of Veterinary Technicians does not imply that such financial or other interests or relationships would prevent the speaker from making a presentation. However, it is imperative that such financial interests or relationships be identified by the speakers so that participants of the educational program may have these facts fully disclosed prior to the presentations, and may form their own judgments about the presentation.

The commercial support standards require that presentations give a balanced view of veterinary opinions, preferably using generic names. If it is necessary to use a trade name, then please use those of several companies. If your presentation is on research conducted by commercial companies, please provide a detailed outline at this time. Further, should your presentation include discussion of any unlabeled or investigational use of a commercial product, you are required to disclose this to the participants.

I agree that NYSAVT has the right to use the educational materials and photos I provide to distribute to participants of their continuing education programs. Furthermore, I affirm that the material I am presenting is original or that I have written permission from the copyright holder to use his/her materials.

Professional Conduct Statement

I affirm that I am in good standing with the profession I am affiliated with, I demonstrate high standards of professional conduct and code of ethics, and I do not discriminate against participants on the basis of gender, age, socioeconomic or ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability.

Compensation Agreement - SPRING SEMINAR ONLY

Spring Seminar speakers will be compensated at a rate of $100 per speaking hour.

There will not be separate travel or hotel reimbursement, but speakers will receive compensation on site. In addition, speakers receive 50% off Seminar registration should they wish to attend courses. If you are planning to attend meals and not courses, please be sure to register for a meal only option.

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